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Membership / Cooperation

Association of European Lawyers

“Association of European Lawyers” is an international organization founded in 2004 in Europe, but has spread throughout the world. Another name of this organization is the International Network of Lawyers and the goal is to connect lawyers from different countries in order to provide better services to clients.

Attorney at law Marija Sara Jovanović has been a member of AEA since March 2023.

The European Law Institute

The European Law Institute is an independent, democratic organization based in Vienna, Austria. It has about 1,500 individual members and about 100 institutional members.

Serbia has 12 members in ELI, and one of them is Marija Sara N. Jovanović.

World Bank Group

The World Bank Group is an international organization founded in 1945. It has about 190 members.

Research in the field of family law is regularly carried out within the “Women, Business and Law” section. Lawyer Marija N. Jovanović made her contribution to the research, for which she received a Certificate of Appreciation from the World Bank for 2018, 2020 and 2021.

Stowe Family Law

Stowe Family Law is one of the UK’s largest law firms specializing in family law. It has law offices all over the country. On their website you can find many articles in the field of family law written by lawyers from all over the world.

During 2015, Stowe Family Law published 4 articles written by Marija N. Jovanović, who at that time worked as a lawyer in the Legal Service of the City Center for Social Work in Belgrade. The topics of the articles were: divorce, adoption, joint property of the spouses and surrogacy.

The Belgrade Bar Association

The Belgrade Bar Association has around 5,500 lawyers who have law offices based in the territory of the city of Belgrade.

Lawyer Marija Sara N. Jovanović has been a member of the Belgrade Bar Association since May 2018.

The Bar Association of Serbia

The Bar Association of Serbia is located in Belgrade. Within it there are 9 bar associations, namely: BA of Belgrade, BA of Vojvodina, BA of Zajecar, BA of Kosovo and Metohija, BA of Kragujevac, BA of Niš, BA of Požarevac, BA of Čačak and BA of Šabac.

By entering the list of lawyers of the Belgrade Bar Association, lawyer Marija Sara N. Jovanović became a member of the Bar Association of Serbia in May 2018.

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