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Family Law

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What is family law?

Family law is a set of legal norms that regulate relations in the family and relations between the family and society.

The basic legal source is the Family Law Act (since july 2005).

In the law office of Marija Sara N. Jovanović, you can get legal help and advice regarding:

  • marriage and cohabitation as well as their termination,
  • exercise of parental rights (a.k.a "Child custody"),
  • preventive and corrective supervision over the exercise of parental rights,
  • the adoption,
  • guardianship
  • alimony and financial support
  • property relations in the family
  • division of marital assets
  • pre/nuptial agreements
  • protection from domestic violence
  • establishing / disputing paternity / maternity
  • extension of parental rights
  • deprivation of parental rights
  • deprivation of business capacity, etc.
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